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2. Creative Tartelettes Contest UAE 2014

Swiss Tartelettes producer HUG is once again organizing its successful "HUG Creative Contest", this time in the United Arab Emirates. The contest has been considered one of the most successful contests in Switzerland and in Germany for over 10 years. As in Europe, there is only one requirement in the UAE too: to use the defined HUG Tartelettes.

The Emirates Culinary Guild

The Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) is the UAE’s association of professional chefs. It is a non-profit-making organisation dedicated solely to the advancement of the culinary art of the UAE.

The World Association of Cooks Societies (WACS) is a 102nation fellowship comprising the world’s various professional chefs’ organisations.

The ECG received its charter into WACS at a ceremony in Stavanger, Norway on June 28, 1994, during the WACS 26th World Congress. WACS endorses the ECG as the authorised UAE culinary institute. The ECG, thereby, has an international culinary focus and multi-national support for the staging of its various competitions, seminars and events. The aims of the ECG, broadly, are: 

  • To encourage and inspire junior chefs through training and competition.
  • To enhance internationally the culinary prestige of the UAE.
  • To encourage UAE nationals to consider a career within the hospitality industry.