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Coffee time

Want something unforgettable? Try individually wrapped Willisau Löffeli (spoon-shaped cookie), or Schocos, or perhaps a big bag of sweet biscuits?


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HUG Allmond Cookies portions

Crunchy almonds, pure Swiss butter, the sweet smell of caramel and a hint of vanilla are typical for this crunchy specialty from the house of HUG near Lucerne.

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HUG Nut heart cookies

The buttery tender hazelnut flavor of this crisp specialty from Lucerne will conquer every heart. Our Nussherzli has been a part of the product range of HUG for many years.

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Mini Choco Petit Beurre au lait

Crispy biscuit with Swiss milk chocolate.

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Soft shortbread biscuit with Swiss butter.

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HUG Pineapple Royale Cake

Light biscuit with pineapple cream and pieces of roulade, deep-frozen.

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HUG Apricot Streusel-Cake 23 cm

Cake with a topping of crumble and apricots.

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HUG Belle Hélène Cake 23 cm

A fabulous dessert - the Belle Hélène twirl in a very traditional form with pieces of pear. The attractive, undulating surface gives it a certain something.

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HUG Cheese Cake 23 cm

A tasty, creamy dessert. The fine biscuit base (Wernli Petit Beurre) and the beautiful flamed surface will convince you!

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HUG chocolat cake 44 cm

Cakes are baked according to traditional old recipes. The chocolate cake contains delicate chocolate chips and tastes slightly of hazelnut.

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HUG Strawberry Rhubarb Streusel-Cake 23 cm

A typical tray bake with a coating of crumble and fine, large pieces of strawberry and rhubarb.

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HUG Cake with nuts 44 cm

The cakes are baked according to traditional recipes. The hazelnut cake contains hazelnuts and tastes easily for chocolate.

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HUG Raspberry Lemon Cake

Fine raspberry taste with a slight nuance of lemon. The chocolate biscuits give the whole thing a fine touch. The surface has a beautiful net-like decoration.

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HUG Marmor Cake 44 cm

he cakes are baked according to traditional recipes. The marble cake is particularly moist and the marbled structure is particularly beautiful.

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HUG Petits Fours sweet

The HUG petits fours consist of traditional slices, proven tartelettes and exquisite ingredients. The 8 classics in mini-format are ready to eat and only have to be defrosted.

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HUG Black Forest Cream Cake 23cm

A classic Black Forest cake with cream and untreated cherries. The scattering of chocolate chips makes each slice different. Contains alcohol.

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HUG Swedish Cake 23cm

A classic that not only looks wonderful, but tastes divine. The green marzipan contains natural colouring agents.

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HUG Tiramisu Cake 23cm

A typical tiramisu with a slight coffee note and mascarpone. The undulating surface is special and unique. Contains alcohol. Not suitable for children.

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HUG tyrolean cake 44 cm

Ein absoluter Klassiker mit kleinen Schokoladenwürfeli und gehackten Haselnüssen, die dem Cake einen knuspersüssen Charme verleihen.

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HUG Truffle Cake 23cm

A really tasty traditional truffes twist. The fine raspberry jam layer rounds it off as a dessert of the highest order. The surface looks home-made!

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HUG Wild Berry and Lemon Yoghurt Cake

Light, fruity dessert, also suitable for diabetics. The scattering of mixed wild berries highlights the fruitiness of slice.

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HUG lemon Cake 44 cm

Cakes are baked according to traditional old recipes. The lemon cake is particularly moist and has a marked taste of fresh lemon.

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HUG Plum Streusel-Cake 23 cm

A typical tray bake with a coating of crumble and fine, large pieces of damson.

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