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Cookery books

Cookery books for and from catering! HUG supports creative cookery. Order your new cookery book here and start new trends in your kitchen. Be inspired by the impressive range of recipes.


HUG supports creative cookery.

Mürner LEVEL

Rolf Mürner, World Champion Patissier, is recognised as an international dessert expert. In his new book “Mürner LEVEL” he introduced in 200 pages his latest top level dessert composition recipes. His first book “Mürner ONE”, which has already won the 1st place in the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Paris in 2010 in the "Best Dessert Book of the World" category, was proof that he did not only win over the expert community. "Mürner LEVEL" is now the logical progression of his highly professional dessert art.

Great joy in experimentation, the pleasurable quest for new inspiration and not last his love of perfection is again the basis for his fanciful recipe creations. In "Mürner LEVEL" he sets new yardsticks for professionals and ambitious dessert lovers which in turn are highly appealing to the eye. Patisserie is in its most beautiful form, filigree chocolate trimmings or irresistible ice cream temptations broaden even the most comprehensive dessert repertoires.

Let yourself be seduced in a world of the most amazing, original and impressive flavour combinations, "packaged" in his own most well-known, sublime designs.

Sharp-witted and vigorous

In the 200 page "Ecken & Kanten" cookery book, 12 great pros each present 6 special recipes. The experts stand out because of their appearance, their background, their style of cooking and their (positive) attitude.

This top notch cookery book will make headlines. The recipes, the pros and the presentation are exceptional.

Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessous pour commander ce livre de recettes à CHF 68.-- + frais d’envoi (n’existe qu’en allemand).

The sharp-witted and vigorous chefs/pâtissiers are:

From Germany:

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MÜRNER ONE - sweets design

The dessert book of world champion pastry chef Rolf Mürner with over 80 recipes is called Mürner ONE. Since 1999, this dessert magician has brought home award after award, medal after medal from national and international competitions. One of the highlights of his career, undoubtedly, was when he became pâtissier world champion as a member of the Swiss national team in Chicago in 2007.

Winner of the award «Best Dessertbook of the World 2010»! 

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