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The solution provider for the restaurant trade

The caliber of a product is established by how chefs are able to integrate it into their creations. That's why our people at HUG concentrate on not only the product, but the entire chain of a culinary creation.

Functional packaging design

Our blister packs protect our Tartelettes against breakage, odors or humidity. In fact, the packaging is so strong that the Tartelettes can be filled and transported without the risk of damage. Many chefs even bake the Tartelettes in the blister packs. For confectionery applications we supply filling plates.

Crispness that endures

To assure that our customers will always have the freshest and crispiest tartelettes, we have coated them in a thin glaze of non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. When catering for large events, our Tartelettes can be prepared with hot or cold fillings hours before the guests arrive.

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