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Frequently asked Questions

Where can I buy HUG food-service products?

You can get our food-service products from wholesalers and cash-and-carry providers, or our own factory shops (in Malters, Willisau or Trimbach). Find out more here: Find distributors

I'm interested in Hug products. Who should I contact?

HUG AG has a field sales staff of eight in Switzerland. Each sales adviser is responsible for a particular area. Here is an overview of our sales advisers. For those of you outside Switzerland, here are our export partners. We look forward to hearing from you!

Where can I find ingredient information for the products?

Product ingredients are listed on the product packaging and on our website.

Does HUG AG use palm oil?

On many levels, palm oil is hard to beat but, on the other hand, it is highly controversial. The HUG family of companies was first certified by RSPO in 2013 and has bought only 100% certified palm oil through the ‘Segregated’ supply chain since 2014.

Do you also offer vegan tartelettes?

Yes, HUG AG also offers vegan products. In our product range, all vegan products are labelled as such. Go to product range

What are all the things I can do with tartelettes?

With HUG tartelettes, you can create lots of delicious recipes. You’ll find lots of great recipe ideas on our food-service website. Go to recipes

Which HUG products are lactose-free?

On our food-service website, you can search using various intolerance filters to find HUG products that are lactose-free. Go to product range

Are your raw materials sustainable and sourced in Switzerland?

The HUG family of companies’ motto, ‘natural and honest’, is all about acting responsibly and transparently, using raw ingredients in their most natural state, obtained through fair trade practices. More information is available on our Sustainability page.

How can I make a complaint?

You can lodge a complaint via the website, in an email, by post or through a sales adviser.

How sustainable is the packaging?

We strive for the most practical and sustainable packaging possible. They consist of film, Blister packs and cardboard. Learn more on our page for packaging.