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The gastronomy thrives on creativity and innovative spirit. Therefore, the promotion of young and established chefs is a matter close to the heart of the HUG family.

Anna Hug Co-CEO, HUG AG

Why HUG is committed to the industry.

Our commitment to the gastronomy industry is very close to our heart. That’s why we support innovative gastronomes with our annual Creative Tartelettes Contest. Apart from the annual HUG Creative Tartelettes Contest, we also support the talented chefs of the culinary junior team. Further commitments and sponsoring activities can be found below.


The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) was founded in 1928 and is an international network of national chefs’ associations. The Association is committed to upholding and improving culinary standards in cooking around the world.

Swiss Culinary Junior National Team

The Swiss Culinary Junior National Team is the standard-bearer for the Swiss Chefs’ Association. The enormous success of our top chefs at world championships and culinary Olympics are testament to Swiss culinary expertise.

gusto – competition for apprentices

The idea behind the launch of ‘gusto’ in 2004 was to promote talented young chefs. Under the sponsorship of the Swiss Chefs’ Association, gusto – organised by Prodega/Growa/Transgourmet – has become the ideal platform for apprentice chefs still learning the ropes to introduce themselves and what they can do to a wider audience.

Official representative of the Swiss Chefs’ Association

The Swiss SVG Trophy is aimed at all hospital, care-home and communal catering operations. Competitors have to complete written and practical tasks. The team that lifts the Swiss SVG Trophy gets the chance to represent the Swiss Chefs’ Association at an international cooking competition for the communal catering sector.


Swiss gastronomy stands for top quality, diversity and culinary delights to suit every taste – this is part of the guilds’ mission, too. They also promote ambiance, exceptional cooking and competent, friendly service. The main goal of the Gilde of Established Swiss Restaurateurs, however, is satisfied guests.

The Baden-Württemberg Federation of Master Caterers

The Federation of Master Caterers has been cooking at the highest level for more than 50 years. With creativity, dedication and commitment to quality, it upholds Baden-Württemberg’s culinary arts and traditions, all while bringing the local cuisine into the 21st century. The Federation currently comprises more than 500 certified master chefs, as well as masters in other hospitality professions.

German Chefs’ Association

The German Chefs’ Association (VKD in German) is Germany’s largest professional trade association. It represents the interests of all chefs and upholds the traditions of this important profession. The VKD currently has more than 150 branch associations.

The Emirates Culinary Guild

The Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) is the federation of professional chefs of the United Arab Emirates. ECG is a not-for-profit organisation and is committed exclusively to developing the culinary arts of the UAE.

‘marmite youngster’

‘marmite youngster’ is a well-established competition on the food scene. Every year, it seeks to discover the brightest talent in three categories: cooking, pâtisserie and service.

Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Lucerne

As well as supporting the young chefs on the Swiss Culinary Junior National Team, HUG also champions the Lucerne regional chefs’ team, Cercle des Chefs de Cuisine Lucerne, or CCCL.

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