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Locally rooted – committed to sustainability

Founding of the bakery

The rusk was the origin of the HUG family business: Joseph Hug-Meyer is said to have accidentally put sliced bread instead of loaves into the oven one morning in 1877. In doing so, he laid the foundation – intentionally or unintentionally – for the success story of the HUG company.

The 5th generation

A lot has happened since then! What was originally a traditional bakery has now become a manufacturer of baked goods that is already being run by the fifth generation of the family. Some things haven’t changed at all over the years: our commitment to our production site in central Switzerland and our strong connection to Swiss raw materials.


We have been implementing the “Swissness” ordinance on the use of Swiss indications of origin for foodstuffs in our own production facilities since 2017.


The HUG family has made a clear commitment to Switzerland as a production location with the “backhaus” generation project and has invested around 60 million Swiss francs in Malters, not only to relocate Wernli production from Trimbach, but also to expand it. The project will be completed in 2022 and is regarded as one of the most modern food production facilities in Europe.

“natural and honest”. By conviction.

You can find out more about the family business on the new HUG AG corporate website.

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Unterschrift Anna Hug
Anna Hug
Unterschrift Marianne Wüthrich
Marianne Wüthrich

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