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Smart packaging. For the environment.

To ensure the quality, shelf life and transport of our high-quality catering products, we need smart packaging. That is the only way we can effectively prevent food waste through breakage or premature spoilage. 

For years, we have been working hard to gradually make our packaging more sustainable. When it comes to food, this task is often very complex – and we want to do more than pay lip service to it, but are striving to find genuinely sustainable solutions. That’s why we are avoiding and reducing packaging wherever possible. We are in constant contact with packaging and machine suppliers and regularly challenge them with our ideas for optimisation. 

We have already achieved a great deal with the help of our partners:
This is reflected in the figures:

“natural and honest”. By conviction.

The HUG family pledge “natural and honest” forms the basis for our entrepreneurial activities. In seven 

core areas, we are continuously improving and strengthening our sustainability culture.

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Unterschrift Anna Hug
Anna Hug
Unterschrift Marianne Wüthrich
Marianne Wüthrich

Experience on a daily basis what “naturally honest” means to us: