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Raw materials


Natural ingredients for consumer safety and enjoyment

Professionals need high-quality products they can rely on. Thanks to the strict raw materials charter we have imposed on ourselves, we want to give our customers the certainty that we manufacture our products with natural raw materials. The charter sets outs guidelines on the use of raw materials for the market range in catering – as well as for all the products in the HUG family including the retail brands DAR-VIDA, Wernli and HUG-Guezli! 

We adhere to the following principles in the raw materials charter:

“natural and honest”. By conviction.

On the HUG family website you can find out more about the products that we process every day. 

The word “honest” from the HUG family pledge “natural and honest” means that we are happy to answer your questions about our raw materials. We will get back to you – we promise!

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Unterschrift Anna Hug
Anna Hug
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Marianne Wüthrich

Experience on a daily basis what “naturally honest” means to us: