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The world of tartelettes



Step into the versatile world of tartelettes created for you by HUG FOOD SERVICE and discover the various ranges of “Tartelettes” products and all they have to offer.

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6 Golden Tartelettes Rules

Here you will find extremely valuable know-how, aimed at professionals, regarding how to use our products. Discover the 6 Golden Tartelette Rules.

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Here you will find the largest database of tartelette recipes with a “filter” feature, an ingredient calculator and a PDF printout feature. Let yourself be inspired right now by recipes we have created with the help of expert chefs and pastry chefs from the HUG network.

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Buy Tartelettes

HUG is the world’s leading producer of high-quality tartelettes. We deliver our semi-finished products perfectly packaged to specialized food distributors in over 40 countries worldwide. You can find information on sources of supply in your country under the following link:

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